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Unfortunately, most instructors I've encountered over the years are anything but methodical in their teaching. This haphazard teaching usually has the unfortunate effect of leaving the student with a deeply flawed understanding of music. When the student inevitably arrives at this 'wall', they usually think they've reached their full potential. Many think what is needed is a quick fix. Often, what is really needed is a different intellectual skeleton, or paradigm, that allows them to continue their music evolution. I've had many students come to me in this state, and have helped them break through to a new level of understanding. This can sometimes be frustrating, and can feel like a step backwards. I promise you it will be worthwhile. If you start lessons with me as a beginner, you should not experience a 'big wall'.

In a first lesson, I'll watch you play and evaluate your technique, and your strengths and shortcomings. Then we'll cover fundamental technique, basic chords and reading music. Even if you're a total beginner, you'll usually leave your first lesson being able to play chords.

In the next several lessons you'll learn exercises to develop technique and reading skills. I've developed innovative methods that almost always result in students dramatically increasing their technique in a short time. You will learn portions of some classic songs to develop technique and reading skills.

I'll then have you write out a list of at least 25 of your favorite songs. From that point forward, we learn only songs you want to learn. Learning these songs, starting with the simplest and working towards the difficult, progressively develops your reading and performance skills. I often have students record demos of some of their favorite songs to develop performance skills. An example is Supermassive Black Hole, a Muse song recorded by a 17 year old student of mine.

I believe any good guitarist should be able to:

-Tune and care for an instrument -Get good sounds out of their gear
-Understand and know how to implement good technique
-Play several forms of any of the eight common families of chords -Play along with at least several of their favorite songs note-for-note
-Learn songs from guitar tab -Eventually figure out songs correctly by ear
-Play with good timing
-Play with other musicians should they desire
-Create and play melodies should they desire
-Play confidently in front of other people

Beginner Guitar Lessons

I can teach a total beginner to be a touring pro if they do what I ask. I've developed a written method that is very organized and objective-based. That means that you will learn in logical, step-by-step way, where each concept builds on the next. I will provide you with an intellectual skeleton, or paradigm, that allows for your continuous growth, and allows for you to reach your full musical potential as fast as possible.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

I can teach you how to do anything you want on the guitar. But I generally do not give 'buffet' or 'a la carte' lessons where you pick and choose what you learn. The reason for this is that I know for a fact that it's always quicker, and cheaper, to just do it correctly from the beginning. Very, few musicians know what it is they are actually missing that is preventing them from moving forward. If I truly think that you know what you need, then I am open to showing you specific things.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Over my teaching career I have taught many beginners to the point where they were good enough to be professional guitarists. On any given day there are dozens of my former students playing live somewhere. I have successfully taught the complex and intricate songs of Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Michael Bloomfield, and others. I am an expert producer with major label credits, so I really understand what it takes to play at the highest level. With the benefits of my teaching methods no music is off limits.

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