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Testimonial From Michael Myers

“Very precise and specific. Knows exactly what to do and how to teach it. 5 stars." – Michael Myers

Testimonial From Stuart Blinick

"I took guitar lessons for many years with Michael. Great teacher... I still know how to play even though I don’t have much time anymore."

Testimonial From Tomer Yatum

"Best producer in Arizona!!! You will not regret it! Call Michael now and thank me later! I've been working with him for about 3 years now and I'm not planning to stop! Recording, production, guitar lessons and vocal instructions at the highest levels! This studio is hands down what you need if you wanna get top notch results for amazing price!"

Testimonial From Andy D.

"Michael simply is the best guitar teacher."

Testimonial From Yong Wang (http://www.linkedin.com/in/

"My dream was to be able to play guitar like a rock star. A few years ago, I decided to give that a try. From the very beginning, I knew that I could never learn how to play guitar using those self-taught methods taught through books or videos. Michael Daniel was the first and the only guitar instructor I worked with.

After our first meeting, I knew he was the right guy and there was no need for me to seek another. Michael is an extremely talented musician with a sincere interest in teaching. His lessons offer a cohesive and measurable program of study tailored to address the student’s weaknesses within the framework of their personal interests and objectives.

In the six years I’ve been studying with Michael, I have never disappointed. I was a newbie when I first met him and didn’t even know how to hold a guitar correctly. In just few months, I was able to play one of the songs I brought to him. Along the way he had taught me everything from basic chords, to lead soloing techniques, to music theory that I can use to write my own music. Today, I have developed solid skills in both lead and rhythm playing, and is able to play different guitar parts from an incredible variety of song collections from those of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan to Zeppelin and many others.

As far as I can tell, Michael is incredibly knowledgeable in virtually all aspects of the instrument, from technique to theory to song composition, and he knows how to teach to keep you engaged and excited about what you’re doing. He also has unbelievable ear hearing and can transcribe any song into a guitar tab for you to play with your favorite guitarists.

Bottom line - if you think you need guitar lessons, come to visit Michael. He has helped to make my music dream come true. He can do the same to you too!"

Testimonial From Erik Johnson  (sstarlinus@gmail.com)

"Whether you are a beginner like I was, looking to avoid the early frustrations that doom most aspiring guitar players, or a seasoned veteran looking to hone your skills and breakthrough a wall, Mike has a game plan to get you to where you want to go. It’s always about you and your goals, not where he thinks you should go with your music. You cannot go wrong with Michael Daniel.   

In 1998, as a high school sophomore, I loved music. And I really wanted to play my own. But always managed to convince myself that I was a year too late – 'should have started last year,' was my common theme. After a few years of this same sentiment I decided to just go for it. My father was supportive, yet admittedly doubtful. The friends were of course skeptical. And me, I was determined. So I went out and bought a Fender Stratocaster and an accompanying amplifier. Despite genuine effort and a significant quantity of time, my guitar was still out of tune four days later. This is when I realized that I needed help. First, I turned to a few talented friends. While their hearts were in the right place, it was clear I would not be able to count on them.    

Happening upon Michael Daniel’s flyer while trudging across campus for a summer course the next day was, in my mind, fate. I immediately worked out a deal with my father to help me supplement the cost for an extremely early Christmas present, and then contacted Michael to set up a regular slot.

At first, I must admit, things were a little slow going and frustrating. I could not figure out why I was working on strumming patterns and practicing various levels of rhythm with the metronome he had me buy. However, based on his experience (13 years at that point) and his incessant drive for organization and efficiency, I put myself in his hands, and did as I was told. Of course, as the years drew on, all this work on the front end made a lot more sense. I was picking up songs with complex chords and strumming patterns in a single lesson, and, more importantly, I was becoming better at an exponential rate.     

After four years of lessons I moved to Portland, Oregon, the land of basement bands. Having never played in any bands I found that I could quickly mesh with ANY genre. My first band was basically three guys using unorthodox instruments and playing songs on the fly, each take was different. Playing with them scared me to death, but I did it, and passed with flying colors. The next band could not have been more different. It was an extremely technical post-rock group that would alter time signatures every measure and moved more like a symphony instead of the more typical verse – chorus – verse – chorus structure. I slid right in, and did it on a bass, an instrument I had never played before. Leading up to these musical experiments I had not been playing frequently at all. But the solid technique and fundamentals I took away from those lessons had become internalized. My good habits, like regular use of my pinkie, even began to rub off on my friends who were and still are professional musicians.

I now live in Rhode Island and am a law student. Guitar has been my saving grace. After three hours of studying, my brain, like many, needs to turn off. The only thing that’s worked for me has been a solid hour of playing and singing. Ironically, I’ve been playing more than ever and could see a law school band in my immediate future, with myself as the front man. Which is why I am writing this recommendation letter for Michael. I’m not being paid, nor can I be receiving free lessons due to my location in the Northeast. This recommendation letter is a token of thanks for the gift that Michael has given me, the gift of music. Having worked with him for so many years and analyzing his operation, I can truly say that I cannot think of a single way guitar lessons could be run more efficiently and effectively for a student. His song tabs are better than any tab I’ve seen online or even in a $20 songbook. Ask any question about jazz, blues, soloing, minor tabs, different guitar licks, song writing and he can within seconds print off a handcrafted sheet that explains it clearer than anything you could find through any other means. Therefore as a student if you want to learn something new, there is no time wasted. Boom, it’s there in front of you, no wasted minutes trying to figure out the way to get the concept across.    

Further, the experience was always extremely professional and consistent. In four years, through (his personal problems with) car accidents, a severe head injury, and I think even a broken hand I cannot recall a single canceled lesson. On a few occasions if I was feeling tired I would ask Mike if we could just “jam” instead of hold a normal lesson. Feeling that this would not be a fair trade for my hourly expense he always refused, insisting we could learn anything, but to simply play around would not be fair. Mike is always a perfect example of professionalism, which is not exactly typical for musicians."

Testimonial From Ankur (Chandler, AZ)


"To me being an awesome guitarist and an excellent instructor are two different things. Somebody who is both is a genius in my dictionary. Fortunately for me, Michael is that rare genius and is extremely professional.

I rate my instructors on the following characteristics:

-Knowledge of, expertise, and enthusiasm for the subject matter and teaching
-Good organization of subject matter and course
-Effective communication
-Positive attitudes toward

-Fairness in evaluation
-Flexibility in approaches to teaching

I am very picky about the quality of lessons I get. I have tried various instructors in the past, and some of them I couldn't continue with, for more than a couple of weeks. A few of them were good in teaching music that they know best, some were only good in certain genre. You throw anything at Michael (rock, metal, jazz, blues, funk etc.), and his ears will pick anything and everything within the human audible range. If its played in the record, (it will be on) your tab sheet. The music you will play is as accurate as it can get.  

Not only he writes accurate tabs, he can hear what effects are being used. His knowledge about audio engineering is vast too, and can help you achieve the tone you like the most. His gear recommendations are excellent.

He is a great guitarist and his attention to technical details of playing is unmatched. His approach is very scientific to everything. If he is telling you something, believe me, there is a reason behind it.     

I can go on and on raving about his instructions and what he has to offer, and I am able to do this with utmost confidence because of the vast improvements in my playing style, my understanding of music and gear, and the ease at which I am able to play more complex music within a period of just 2 years.    

All in all this is a great product offering for a very decent price. Thanks Michael."

Testimonial From Scott Hoyman, owner (http://www.alchemy counseling.com)

(Please check out Scott playing guitar on the track "Escalator of Life". He also played bass, programmed the drums and sang backing vocals. The track is available at itunes.apple.com)

"I have been playing guitar on and off for close to thirty years but didn't get really serious about wanting to become a good player until about 4 years ago. Over the years I have had many guitar teachers who have had many approaches, styles, strengths, and weaknesses. My work with Michael stands out from all my other experiences in musical instruction.     

The first thing that brought me to Michael was that he made it clear that he would teach me to play the kind of music that I was most into and wanted to learn (hard rock and heavy metal). Most teachers I've had would teach what their strengths were, be it jazz, classical, blues, or whatever, and that often didn't match what I was interested in learning at the time.

Another thing that that I value about Michael's method of teaching is that he actually has a method of teaching. Most teachers are pretty haphazard and random in what they teach, and I was often left not being able to integrate everything I was learning into my playing or was presented with lessons that were way beyond my ability at the time. Michael has a system in which he teaches skill sets that build on one another and are reinforced by learning songs that are not only fun to play but integrate those skill sets.     

Also of value is that Michael challenges me to get better with everything that I'm learning, whether it's technique, songs, or theory. This is a big motivator and a great way to track my progress and get feedback on where I need to improve. 

Finally of utmost value to me is Michael's professionalism. Unfortunately, a lot of musicians have a reputation for being unprofessional, late, poor communicators, inconsiderate, etc. The list goes on, and I've come up against this lack of professionalism in guitar teachers as well. Not so with Michael. He communicates if there is a problem with a meeting time or something comes up (which is rare), is organized, has a very clean studio with top-of-the-line equipment, and treats his students with respect. Rock on!"

Testimonial From Rose Wilcox     

"Oh Michael Daniel, so much thanks that it would fill up the internet to have to write all the ways you help me!!!     

One thing I will say about Michael Daniel is that he knows his stuff. He has been studying all aspects of music for years and provides that knowledge in a well paced, well organized set of lessons, pitched to your level of interest and skill.

Basically I have found as an adult learner that he is able not only to pass on his knowledge but also to empathize and support me in my struggle as a serious musician with a day gig. He has also provided production information to me and my band mate, showing an encyclopedic level of knowledge fueled by a voracious passion.     

His combination of creativity, discipline, ability to tailor his lessons for where one is at, problem-solving skills, and organization contribute to make him a great teacher for the serious musician.  

Not only does he have the education and knowledge of a music teacher as one would find in a University setting, he adds to that a great amount of practical experience in the more popular music genres as a vocalist, producer, musician as well as a teacher.     

His method includes teaching songs that YOU want to learn. He will teach you the styles of voice you want to learn.

The only con I can think to say is that he is a great music teacher: That means he works best with me when I am disciplined! For a serious musician that is also a plus! Music gives back what you put into it.   

Lessons are held in a small but completely (and I do mean COMPLETELY) equipped home studio. He also offers guitar lessons.     

Well worth any rate, yet his rates are competitive and reasonable and he offers several methods of payment."

Testimonial From Aaron B.R.

"Thanks for everything so far; I'm really pleased with my progress on the guitar."

Testimonial From Mike S. (Guitar player for band '3rd Bay')

   3rd Bay band promo 

(I started as a beginner and) "We played out last night at The Big Fish Pub. It went great!! We all had an awesome time. A huge thanks to you and the lessons. I'd never of been able to do it without the great direction."

Testimonial From Eric Johnson

Eric J.    

"Thanks for the lessons, I have really been applying them a lot lately! They are much appreciated. At the beginning of the New Year I began playing guitar at a big church on the west side, which averages around 500 folks a Sunday. It's a full band and we basically do 2 sets. The basic venue is a mixture of contemporary Christian music and more rock-n-roll based Christian music. I never thought playing in a band could be so much fun!"  

Testimonial From Bryan S.

"I came to Michael with many bad habits and sloppiness on the guitar. He was able to patiently help me, and took my playing to a new level. He is also a great songwriter, and can help you develop your song writing. "

Testimonial From Dave H.

"Thank you once again for some great tuition (instruction)."

Testimonial From John B.

"I really have appreciated your professionalism and organized, targeted lessons. When I pick up lessons again, I will surely ask you first for a time slot. I hope you will have one. Any friends or colleagues of mine that are interested in guitar lessons will get an ear full from me stating they have to call you first. You are a first rate instructor."

Testimonial From Gerri P.

"I want to complement you on your style of teaching. You are very good. It makes me have to take responsibility for myself because if I fail it won’t be because of quality of mentorship."

Testimonial From Ed Sweet, owner Sweet Associates advertising agency

"Michael Daniel is everything you'd ever want in a voice coach. If you're a beginner, he accepts you where you are without judgment and builds from there, giving you confidence every step of the way. He breaks down songs into elements you didn't even know existed, and teaches you how to sing effectively in a well-thought-out, methodical way that's also a lot of fun. It's amazing how fast you can start to see progress if you follow his instructions. I've been taking lessons from Michael for about seven months now. I appreciate his patience, his talent, and his willingness to answer my questions, his sense of humor, and his total dedication to my musical education. I look forward to my lessons every single week!"

Testimonial From Sean Brennan, singer of Ember Coast, and bass player for Skybox

Ember Coast



"My lessons with you changed my life. So thanks!"

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